“Growing Pains” by Julian Mudd

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Julian Mudd comes to Wolf in a Suit with the playful and inviting sonic creation that is “Growing Pains”. With this refreshing dose of pop, he tells a story that explores what happens after the heart breaks and the relationship ends. The soundscape unfolds with a fun and vivid touch that allows the experience to really connect and offer our imagination a chance to break free and go a little wild. There’s something about the way the melodies and lyrics connect with each other that invites our senses to feel the unique down-to-earth touch that makes this track so special and hypnotizing.

So listen closely and connect the dots as the verses come one after the other making the story feel so personal and universal at the same time. Enjoy this fantastic must-listen gem by this talented young artist!

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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