“Leaving You Now” by Joe & The Anchor

From Sweden come the uber-talented guys of Joe & The Anchor with the bittersweet tale of “Leaving You Now”. With this exquisite and heart wrenching tale, they explore the sad reality of having that first heartbreak and how it always comes from your first love because that’s how it’s meant to be. The melodies and lyrics dance so gracefully together making sure we are hooked and our senses understand what’s going on and how while personal, it’s also ours. The soundscape unfolds with a warmth and sadness that naturally finds a home within our hearts and souls, making the track so much more vivid and true.

They speak from what lies inside them and this is not only welcomed but cherished, for it gives the song a hypnotizing and relatable touch. So listen closely and explore this story, for it holds in itself a gentle reflection of our own ups and downs in love. Enjoy the latest masterpiece by this fantastic Swedish band.

Location: Sweden

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“Leaving You Now has been with us for a long time. We’ve all been in that situation, when the first real love of your life turns into your first heartbreak. We tried to really capture that feeling when we wrote this song”.

Joe & The Anchor

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