“The Publisher” by Matthew Liam Nicholson

From Australia comes the talented Matthew Liam Nicholson with the hypnotizing down-to-earth sonic creation that is “The Publisher“. The track blends folk and rock in a way that allows the melodies and lyrics to dance beautifully together, painting a picture sure to be vivid and lush. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves, caressing our very soul and inviting us to explore the story that is taking shape and form within it. There’s something about it that simply speaks to you and explores the meaning of destiny and how it pertains to the choices we make along the way.

He understands the truth behind the ethereal and mesmerizing magic of these sounds and really connects the dots and pulls us in. So listen, imagine and explore the relatable magic of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“The Publisher, in this usage refers to the one who chooses, and how the choice defines the chooser. The refrain at the end, “that’s life for ya now” for me feels something like standing at a height, reflecting upon one’s entire life in all its mess, swelling with emotion and bittersweet gratitude for the whole ridiculous damn thing. But art to me is more truly a spontaneous living mirror, whatever it is to you the listener at any time is its true meaning. So freely disregard everything I said”.

Matthew Liam Nicholson

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