“Party In My Mind” by Dolores Forever

From the UK comes the amazing indie band Dolores Forever with their latest single, say hello to “Party in my mind”. With this refreshing and instantly relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the sweet magic felt when a relationship begins. They embrace the wide array of feelings, emotions and chemical reactions that come forth in those first moments of a relationship in a way that is quite inviting and beautiful. There’s something about the soundscape that just hits the spot and offers a mix of catchy and mesmerizing sounds and raw and inspiring lyrics. The track just connects with the listeners in a way that feels so human, so true and so ours while still being an embodiment of their own experiences. So listen closely and just dive into this sonic escape from reality that is so endearing and so pure, making this a must-listen gem for all music lovers. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Party In My Mind is about the start of a relationship, the ecstasy and the anxiety. The emotional rollercoaster of something new, the feeling of walking the plank at full speed knowing you might fall in. We are both people who feel emotions at their extremes so we tried to get this out in a stomping pop banger.”

Dolores Forever

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