“It’s You” by Tilde

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Tilde comes to Wolf in a Suit with the ethereal sonic creation that is “It’s You”. With this passionate and refreshingly hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, she transports us to another reality that is sure to hit us with a wave o feelings and emotions. The track embraces our senses and paints a picture that while personal, showcases all the ingredients to connect the dots for all who listen. Something about it just embraces our senses and offers us a chance to be a part of a beautiful and magical tale.

Her voice has it all to guide us through this world and feed our souls with the most delicious musical ambrosia. So listen closely and dive into the unknown reality of this track with open arms for inside awaits a sweet dose of must-listen beauty. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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”It’s you” was actually one of the first song that i wrote for this album and in many ways it also sums up the album pretty well. It’s dark, cinematic, minimalistic and grand at the same time”.


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