“Fire In Your Eyes” by Martin Smith

I typically don’t share religious music but something about “Fire In Your Eyes” by Martin Smith just felt so magical and beautiful. The track embraces you instantly and fills you with a warmth that is damn near inexplicable yet so pure. The way in which the melodies and lyrics come together giving life to a fantastic soundscape for us to explore is so amazing and human that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over. The track understands that there’s more beyond the known and aims to explore what lies in the unknown nature of the world.

The way in which the soundscape unfolds is quite inviting and does not seem pushy or one-sided, instead it feeds us with a welcomed dose of musical ambrosia. The track is really an instant must-listen gem, that connects with those that believe and those who don’t in a refreshing and mesmerizing fashion. So listen closely and find inspiration and motivation within this fantastic sonic masterpiece. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“This song continues the theme of Fire!

This time though we are not ‘in’ the fire but ‘seeing’ the fire in God’s eyes. It’s always fire that leads us through the dead of night and I’m grateful that through this season of COVID we have all been cared for and carried through extraordinary uncertainty.

Please do me a favour. Find somewhere where you can turn this up REALLY loud and jump, dance, scream and let go of the fear that has gripped us. This dance will be our story.”

Martin Smith

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