“Half Awake” by GRAACE

From Australia comes the uber-talented indie goddess GRAACE with her latest single, say hello to “Half Awake”. With this haunting and personal blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the pain and sadness of loosing somebody important to her. She draws inspiration from a terrible loss and gives life to a fantastic blend of melodies and lyrics that is haunting and tragically poetic and relatable. There’s something about this soundscape that offers those who have suffered a loss a chance to escape for a moment from reality and find a connection that gives peace and warmth.

She opens up her heart and soul and with such care, we explore what lies inside and realize that she holds so much that keeps her grounded and inspired. The track is absolutely fantastic and easily earns the label of must-listen gem, for it offers a wonderful taste of musical ambrosia that speaks to our very souls. So listen and enjoy the sonic adventure that is “Half Awake”!

Location: Australia

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“10 years ago, I lost my father to a sudden death at the local pool, around the corner from my old family home, before a surfing trip we had planned that afternoon.

I’ve always struggled with sleep since his passing. That night, when I was 14, I experienced lucid dreaming for the first time. It started as a tall white elevator tower and he said goodbye to me that night in it. As I grew older I began to love sleep. I think it’s been a side effect of depression but it’s wild to me that when I’m asleep it’s the one time I’m able to talk to him. I taught myself lucid dreaming very quickly after he died. I was able to build a town surrounding the white elevator in my dreams that I could revisit most of the time when I tried really hard.

Unfortunately, other things started to happen to me on rare occasions, such as sleep paralysis. Sometimes the town emulates my dad’s passing for me at the lake, and I lose control of the dream. But sleep paralysis is something that I’ve learnt to deal with in order to sleep for as long as I can throughout the days and nights, so that I can escape reality”.


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