“Vertigo” by Midnight Shoppers

UK-based indie band The Midnight Shoppers blend pop and rock to give life to the fantastic sonic creation that is “Vertigo”. With this refreshing and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a tale that aims to explore the connection between the present and the moment in a unique and personal manner. The vocals are perfectly set in place, giving life to a story that is so personal to the band yet so universal and true for all of us. They hit the mark and embrace the sweet dose of magic and palpable reality that is needed to give life to a soundscape that invites and connects.

Not only that, but the visual approach fits perfectly with what your imagination needs, making sure the experience is whole and intoxicating from start to end. So listen, see and dive into the unknown yet familiar world that lies within this soundscape, making for a fantastic must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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