“Okay” by Anna Dellaria

Los Angeles-based indie singer/songwriter Anna Dellaria comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the personal sonic creation that is “Okay”. With this gentle and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the reality behind depression in a way that is so relatable and true. Her voice guides you through this reality she has crafted and as it comes together, you start to connect the dots and see what lies behind the issue and not only what everyone sees. The soundscape is absolutely fantastic and really understands the subject that inspired in a way that I can embrace and feel as mine, for I too lie in bed with it.

She does not show anger or sadness but just aims to showcase what lies behind her eyes, it’s that constant battle happening inside her head and that of others who know what depression brings. I thank her for painting such a vivid and raw picture, for it helps some feel understood and others see that it’s not as easy as just saying be …okay. So listen closely and let the sweet touch of magic and down-to-earth vibes grab a hold of you and pull you into the tale that lies within this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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