“Hate To Hate You” by Cy

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Cy comes to us one more time with the honest and insightful sonic creation that is “Hate to hate you”. With this refreshing combination of melodies and lyrics, she opens up her heart and tells us a story bound to resonate with all who listen in a way that is so human and so personal. The track comes alive from the moment you press play with vivid and inviting magic that embraces the bittersweet nature of the story so perfectly, allowing us to connect the dots and feel it all. There’s something about this track that just evokes a sense of connection and down-to-earth storytelling that is simply so fantastic and welcomed by our senses.

Her voice is absolutely amazing and showcases the feelings and emotions that are part of this story in a way that caresses our senses and speaks to us. So listen closely and fall prey to the palpable raw nature of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy the bittersweet touch of “Hate to hate you”!

Location: Sweden

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”Being 20-something can be so draining, and especially when you’re heartbroken and unsure about everything. This EP is a package of feelings that grew from this time when I had thousands of questions about where I am, who I am and where I’m going, but no answers. Even though a lot of people probably feel the same you can feel extremely lonely. I hope that my music can give someone a hand to hold for a little while.

I’ve actually had a lot of fun doing this EP too. It’s been like a therapy session where I’ve found some kind of courage and distance to everything. Moving back home made me work with people who are really close again. It became a safe space where these feelings could get out in a very natural way”


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