“Talk” by KOKO

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie pop band KOKO with their latest inspiring sonic creation, say hello to “Talk”. With this exquisite blend of pop and electronica, they give life to a tale that is sure to connect and pull you in from the very first second. The melodies and lyrics dance so perfectly together, making sure you are served with an intoxicating and utterly hypnotizing soundscape. There’s something about this track that just inspires you to push on and see what life has got to offer and those that share on the adventure with you.

Listen closely and simply embrace the sweet release found within the magic and surreal yet palpable nature of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy the ride and let it embrace your senses and offer your imagination a welcomed escape from the reality that at times hold you back.

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘Talk’ is about a time in your life where things could be worse, but things could be better.  The thing that gets you through those times is that one person to help you reminisce on  times together. Whether this is love, family or friendship, it’s that feeling that you’re at your  highest when you are connecting with that person!”


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