Indie Pop-Rock band Neoni comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and they do so with sonic creation that is “WONDERLAND”. With this exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, they embrace the raw nature of life and growing up in a way that is sure to instantly pull you in. The soundscape unfolds with such passion and fire that you can’t help but be caught by it as it pulls you in and speaks to you in words so clear and so true. Something about the track just hits the spot and offers us all a chance to explore a uniquely mesmerizing and intoxicating reality bound to be memorable from start to end.

Listen closely and explore the unknown yet familiar realm that is this fantastic and contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“There’s always a moment in every person’s life when you take off your rose-colored glasses and see life in its less than cheery colours. That’s what ‘Wonderland‘ is about. It’s an introduction to life as it is. It’s about losing that innocence that lets you believe that life will always be perfect. It’s about the moment when you see through all the hype. It’s about growing up and facing everything that people didn’t mention.”


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