“Wildlife” by Elba Rose

From the UK comes the uber-talented Elba Rose with her latest single, say hello to “Wildlife”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, she opens up her heart and soul and invites to explore what lies within. The track embraces the fragile nature of our human existence and the reality of growing up and moving forward in a way that is instantly relatable. Her voice is uniquely ethereal and mesmerizing, allowing it to flow with such passion and such magic, becoming one with the soundscape and never letting us go.

Something about the track is just so fantastic and so raw that you can’t help but fall prey to the unknown touch that lies within, making it a one-of-a-kind sonic creation. So listen closely and dive into this realm that she has crafted and fall in love with the contemporary must-listen gem that is “Wildlife”. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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