“Paper & Stone” (Acoustic) by Superbloom

UK-based indie band Superbloom comes to Wolf in a Suit with an intimate and captivating take on “Paper & Stone“. With this refreshingly down-to-earth and sober approach, they embrace the feelings and emotions that traverse through the soundscape in a way that is so hypnotizing from start to end. Something about this approach feels more inviting and true, as it embraces the simplicity and warmth of the vocals, the guitar and the rest of the instruments to give life to this tale. An acoustic take is always amazing, but the way the track transports us to a reality where you can feel the magic of the live setting is just so beautiful.

They have really crafted a special and utterly mesmerizing sonic adventure that earns this track the title of must-listen/must-see gem. So listen, see and fall in love with the sweet touch of this fantastic track. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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