“Polyfilla” by Greta Isaac

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Greta Isaac with the beautiful and honest sonic creation that is “Polyfilla”. With this gentle and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores within herself and invites us to follow her lead and do the same. The track aims to understand what it means to grow up and how at times, it does not mean what society wants from us but what we want from ourselves. The warm touch of the verses make the track so powerful yet soothing, allowing it to caress our senses and speak to us in a way that is so touching and true.

She makes sure that each and every verse flows nicely one after the other, making sure the story is clear and our hand is held throughout the experience as it comes alive and speaks to us. So listen closely and find a reflection of who you are within this mesmerizing showcase of feelings and emotions that she has crafted. Embrace the sweet magic and enjoy the adventure that lies within the must-listen gem that is “Polyfilla”.

Location: United Kingdom

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“This song was pretty cathartic for me to write. I was going through a time in my life where I found myself surrounded by friends, family members, fleeting encounters that all seemed to be working through difficulties within themselves that stemmed from hereditary trauma and pain.

I think there’s a point in everyone’s lives where you realise that growing up doesn’t just mean leaving home, making advances in your career or gaining independence or even starting a family of your own. A huge part of growing up is healing the child inside of us and accepting that we’re not superhuman. We’re not indestructible. We need care and boundaries. This song is for those who might be struggling with those feelings right now and how even in an adult state, there might be a vulnerable child within us that needs looking after.”

Greta Isaac

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