“Be Honest” by VC Pines

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter VC Pines with the instantly captivating sonic creation that is “Be Honest”. With this exquisite and relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, he offers us a chance to explore the limits of stable reality and haunting surrealism from start to end. The track lands within the pop genre in a way that memorable and so fun, that you can’t help but let your imagination fly freely through it. Something about the way the soundscape comes together makes the whole experience so amazing and intoxicating. So listen closely and embrace the sweet touch of the unknown that makes this magical track a contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“”Be Honest’ is a culmination of things, it was written towards the end of 2020 – the year of fuckery. So the beginning has this distrust and wariness I think we all had at the time.  I wanted to convey my own mental health struggles and of those around me due to these strange, uncertain and lonely times.

The tune explodes into this ‘no fucks given’ feeling “now I’m just drinking, sleep on park benches in my vomit” that boils and spills over into a sense of paranoia “street lights are blinking, whispering in code have I lost it? Be Honest.”

I’d definitely been burning the candle at both ends when this song formed, so I think it’s a small yelp for help but at the same time, encompasses the nervousness of the youth of this country. Working on this with Tobie Tripp was dreamy, we really focused on every layer, from BVs to brass to flute and then he sprinkled his magic string playing on top. It has this meatiness to it, but because each layer is so in and out, it has this child-like ‘dares’ quality to it which I love.”

VC Pines

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