“pathetic” by Ariane Gabriel

French-American indie pop singer/songwriter Ariane Gabriel comes to us with the relatable sonic creation that is “pathetic”. With this powerful and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story of someone trying to move on but not being able to do so. The track understands that at times things are easier said than actually done and she understands that sadly this is part of life at times. It’s not that you don’t want to move past the feeling, it’s just that at times the heart just doesn’t want to, and you can’t control its timing. The melodies and lyrics flow nicely together, making sure the feelings and emotions that transpire through this soundscape connect with each and every listener.

Not only that, but the visuals are perfectly set in place to complement the sonic side, bringing everything together and delivering a truly mesmerizing experience. There’s something about this track that embraces the fire and charm of her voice and allows her to shine from start to end in a way that leaves us all in awe. So listen close, pay attention to every detail and embrace the sweet magic and raw truth that makes this song a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: France / USA

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