“Ego” by Ay Wing

Swiss-born, Berlin-based indie singer/songwriter Ay Wing comes to Wolf in a Suit with haunting and introspective sonic creation that is “Ego”. With this magical and absolutely mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics, she invites to take a look within and how we connect with the world. The track reminds us that as much as we like to believe ourselves the center of the universe, that is far from the truth and we need to embrace how small we are and how we connect with all who exist in this period of time.

Something about this soundscape is just so pure and so hypnotizing that you can’t help but fall prey to the ethereal feel of the unknown magic that makes this a must-listen gem. So listen with me and let us dive into this realm she has crafted with such care and such warmth. Enjoy!

Location: Germany / Switzerland

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