“Another year like that and we’d all be dead” by FLØRE

The uber-talented indie singer/songwriter FLØRE comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and this time she arrives with the haunting and personal sonic creation that is “Another year like that and we’d all be dead”. With this fantastic and raw showcase of feelings and emotions, she explores the harsh yet very real nature of life and how at times the end feels so close that you just feel you are at that calm before the storm. The melodies and lyrics flow with such natural and mesmerizing magic, that you can’t help but feel it pull you and make this reality feel as much yours as it is hers.

Her voice embraces the sadness and relatable touch of this sweet tragedy, that it just hits the spots and embraces you completely. So listen closely and dive into the unknown that makes this track a contemporary must-listen gem for everyone and anyone. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“’Another year like that and we’d all be dead’ is what life means for me, what growing up means, what losing love and your loved ones is like, what living with depression is and the reason of being alive and being a human means for me. And so destroying the planet and home you’re living in.

A beautiful tragedy of being every day a day closer to death, of being dust, of being forgotten and being nothing, just what you’ve been before. It’s so tragic, that it’s beautifully sweet, cause if it wasn’t sweet, we’d all be dead by now, cause sometimes losing all hope is freedom.

The pandemic influenced the lyrics as well, cause it has that certain ‘the-world-is-ending-feeling’ to it. I wanted to capture the feeling of growing up in a, as it seems teenage tragedy, how everything is rushing in high speed with an apocalyptic taste, but it’s a bit too dangerously quite in the chaos. Like the calm inside of a storm.”


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