“heatwave” (alternate version) by Philip Brooks ft. runo plum

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Philip Brooks joins forces with the equally talented runo plum and together they give life to “heatwave”. With this personal and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they tell story bound to resonate with a few members of our population that sadly might still feel they need to hide their feelings just because society seems to be stuck in the past. The track explores that first time in which you meet someone and you just know that you would like to try and see if something can happen.

The story unfolds with such care, such warmth and such beauty that even feels slightly anthemic and opens a conversation that needs to happen as love is not black and white, but comes in many colors. Their voices connect so perfectly as they deliver some of the most hypnotizing harmonies I’ve had the pleasure to hear while grabbing my heart and never letting go of it.

The track is not only a must-listen gem but a tale that I will keep in my heart as continue my growth as a person, as a writer and as a husband and hopefully a father someday. So listen closely with me and let embrace the sweet magic that makes this track so special and so pure and so human. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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It essentially is a song about the “gay awakening”. That first time you felt so infatuated by someone of the same sex, you can’t hide behind “questioning” anymore. Because now you’re sure. You’re feeling a different, more freeing kind of love than you’ve felt before. Feeling a current flow through parts of yourself, that you haven’t known were there. How first you’re scared, then you’re endlessly free.

In Heatwave you’re on a roadtrip with your best friend. You wake up by a secluded, seemingly endless beach to a serene coastal sunrise. You tap their shoulder, waking them up. Half asleep and in twisty lines you walk along the tidemark, looking over. And right there you know.

Philip Brooks

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