“Dark Is Here To Stay” by Say So City

From Denmark comes the exciting indie band Say So City with their latest single, say hello to “Dark is here to stay”. With this track, they grab a hold of you and invite you to explore a reality that is so unique and surreal that you can’t help but in complete awe as it comes alive. The melodies and lyrics perfectly dance together making sure our imagination is brought to the fold and all the rules are broken as the soundscape becomes one with it. The track is one of those that I would personally recommend anybody, it’s a door to open and enter their sonic reality that is just so exquisite and haunting. Something about this track just hits every spot and makes for a memorable and utterly intoxicating experience bound to be a fan favorite. So listen closely and explore this dreamlike reality that you are now part of and embrace the magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Denmark

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you know that feeling of being stuck in a nightmare that you just can’t escape from and finally letting it take over your world, since fighting and resisting it in the end were even tougher? That’s what this song is about.” 

Say So City

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