“GRADE A” by spill tab ft. JAWNY

The uber-talented spill tab joins forces with the equally talented JAWNY and together they give life to the masterpiece that is “GRADE A”. With this playful and catchy sonic and visual creation, they invite us to explore a reality that is both surreal and down-to-earth. The soundscape unfolds nicely into the airwaves that surround us and instantly manages to become a fan-favorite sure to sound amazing live. The melodies and lyrics become one and make these 2 minutes the best of your life and pulls you to press play over and over again. So listen, see and smile as you fall prey to the magic that makes this song a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: USA

“I haven’t accepted a request to do a feature in over two years now because I can’t write to a song/instrumental unless I love it which makes me picky even when I don’t want to be. This song hit me just right from the first moment I heard it. The rest followed. Claire is an extremely talented songwriter, producer and vocalist and I’m happy this song brought us closer together as homies after having to sit inside for a year not crossing paths with each other. Run this sh*t up.”


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