“Gold” by Mom Tudie X Maya Law

UK-based Producer Mom Tudie joins forces with Maya Law and together they give life to the ethereal sonic creation that is “Gold”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, they invite us into a realm that is inspiring and quite magical and charming. The soundscape unfolds with such grace and naturality, that you can’t help but instantly become one with it as you dance, smile and sing along, making the experience one for the books. Something about this track just puts you on a good mood as it reminds us all of our own worth and we can all turn things from bad to good if we find the silver lining that is always hidden. So listen closely and let these sounds and verses grab a hold of you and play with your senses and imagination as you escape from reality and make this realm your home. Enjoy and fall prey to the sweet magic of this fantastic must-listen gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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“I wrote Gold when lockdown was in full swing – for me it’s about being able to turn something sad or shitty into something great, knowing your worth – even when you’re in a bit of a slump. Working with Tom was definitely my little bit of gold in quite a lonely time during 2020.”

Maya Law

“This song came out of a want to make dance music, but I always seem to subconsciously sway to the more laid back kind of stuff. I knew this would be a big tune about 10 seconds into hearing the demo vocals Maya sent to me, they just worked so well with the instrumental.”

Mom Tudie

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