“Teenage Werewolf” by Tyler Page

From South Africa comes the uber-talented Tyler Page and the music video for her sonic creation, say hello to “Teenage Werewolf”. With this exquisite and vivid blend of sounds and visuals, she gives life to a truly intoxicating and instantly hypnotizing experience. The track has it all to transport you to another reality, to a world where love takes a different route than the typical one and that makes it so much enticing and fun. Her voice is playful and charming and instantly connects with all of us as it caresses our senses and activates our imagination.

There’s something about this soundscape that is simply so surreal and so unique as it pulls us down the rabbit hole. So listen, see and fall prey to the touch of this contemporary 80’s inspired must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: South Africa

“Teenage Werewolf” is a crazy weird song and definitely one of my favourites – A type of romance out of a horror movie, the type of love you are willing to kill for. The song aims to transport you into an 80s fantasy horror romance where anything is possible – even falling in love with a werewolf and becoming one.”

Tyler Page

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