“XVII” by Jillian Lake

From Canada comes the talented indie singer/songwriter Jillian Lake with the bittersweet and honest sonic creation that is “XVII”. With this beautifully crafted and down-to-earth showcase of feelings and emotions, she caresses our senses and invites to be part of the story that she is writing. The track unfolds with such natural and warm touch, that you can’t help but feel a connection as it all unfolds and the pieces start to become one. The melodies and lyrics complement each other in a way that allows her voice to simply sing with such magic and charm that makes this a one-of-a-kind experience.

She has given life to a truly amazing and utterly mesmerizing must-listen gem, sure to be a fan favorite as it already has become one of mine. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“XVII is a song about grief, and finding yourself all messed up in the aftermath just watching the world go on around you. A lot of floor-laying, a lot of driving down endless gravel roads, and a lot of shouting into the abyss. When you lose the sense of yourself and even breathing is hard. It’s a song about trying to find your footing again.” 

Jillian Lake

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