“Sweet Love” by Augustine

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Augustine comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and he does so with the magical sonic creation that is “Sweet Love”. With this refreshingly enticing and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a welcomed dose of romanticism and heartfelt storytelling. The visuals flow nicely with the way in which the soundscape comes alive and allows our senses to feel an instant connection. The track is without a shadow of a doubt a perfect addition to any playlist and shows how talented Augustine can be. His voice is smooth and so touching that you are sure to be transported into the tale that lies hidden within this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. So listen, see and let your heart and imagination dance beautifully as this track pulls you in a whispers sweet nothings in you ear. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

“I wanted to place the songs in the order of how I wrote and experienced them, capturing a part of the whirlwind that’s been spinning in my chest lately. From yearning for a sensation, to naively diving right in, to total confusion. The world has at times been so fluffy and soft. Spring was on its way with all its light, scents and flowers, and I wore a mask of invulnerability, constantly being surprised and falling so deep.

Later, a summer and autumn where everything was a mountain to climb, putting everything on pause. Love sometimes felt like a psychosis, and ‘Weeks Above The Earth’ (Album) is about this state of feeling so very distant from the rest of the world.”


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