“Venus” by KEiiNO

From Norway comes the uber-talented indie band KEiiNO with the mesmerizing sonic creation that is “Venus”. With this exquisite and utterly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they aim to inspire us and motivate us to fly freeing within our own skin. The soundscape has something about it that just keeps you hooked and falling and more and more for the powerful unknown magic that makes it so special. The track is really something else and it personally has become one of my favorites and I am sure it will be one of yours as well.

Let your imagination break free as your senses feel the caress of the verses as they come after the other making the experience so unique and hypnotizing. So listen closely and hold my hand as we fall into the unknow of this must-listen and find the fire of our voices once more. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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“Venus is about finally being confident in your own skin, and freeing yourself from whatever has been holding you back.”


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