“Hurt Like That” by Katelyn Tarver

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Katelyn Tarver comes to us with the bittersweet sonic creation that is “Hurt Like That”. With this track she allows her voice to paint a picture that is quite vivid, honest and instantly captivating making sure we feel her story as outs. The melodies and lyrics dance beautifully together and invite us to be part of what transcends in this soundscape as she opens up her heart and soul. Something about this track is sure to hit a chord with you as the tale that comes alive is one that surely you have seen or lived.

She has truly managed to give way for not only a track that can be deemed special but also an instant must-listen gem. So listen closely and explore each and every verse as the picture is clearer as each seconds go by and you realize that all you can do is be in awe. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Katelyn is also a talented actress who can be seen in HBO’s Ballers, Big Time Rush and more.

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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