“Love You In The Right Way” by Zac Pajak

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Zac Pajak comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the sonic creation that is “Love you in the right way”. With this stunning and bittersweet tale, he invites the listeners to find a connection with this story that is personal and so universal at the same time. The melodies and lyrics blend perfectly together making sure the feelings and emotions that live within the verses come alive and caress the heart and souls of each and every listener. So listen closely and let the sweet magical touch of this fantastic soundscape grab a hold of you as it all unfolds with raw and hones emotions. He has crafted another must-listen gem that adds itself nicely into his ever-growing repertoire. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“I often find myself writing sad love songs, even though I’m grateful to now be in a happy relationship, returning to those darker emotions of loss, regret, despair, heartbreak and loneliness provide such an intensity of emotion to explore as a writer. We’ve all been there at some point, and the struggle to overcome it is something that resonates. I hope this song makes people feel like they’re not alone in that struggle and gives them hope that they can love again.”

Zac Pajak

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