“Boys Like Me” by Retro Video Club

UK-based indie pop-rock band Retro Video Club comes to Wolf in a Suit with their latest single, say hello to “Boys Like Me”. With this exquisite and playful sonic creation, they give life to a world bound to instantly hook you and invite you to be part of it. The melodies and lyrics are vivid and lush and instantly play with our imagination making sure we feel a connection as it comes alive from the very first second after you press play. The soundscape has it all to be a fan favorite and the approach taken makes for a fantastic track ready a live show. There’s something cinematic and mesmerizing about this track that is simply so intoxicating and fun. So listen closely and explore the unknown relatable magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“We were aiming for the sky, production wise. We’ve always been proud of our live show and we really do want as much of that to come across in the recording as possible. When you’re writing songs, part of you is always thinking ‘this bit will be so good live’.”

Retro Video Club

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