“Tape Cassette” by Gravity Circus

From the Netherlands come the uber-talented guys of Gravity Circus with their latest single, say hello to “Tape Cassette”. With this refreshing and playfully inviting track, they blend melodies and lyrics in a way that flows with natural and hypnotizing charm. The soundscape unfolds naturally into the airwaves and offers us all a chance to be part of the story that unfolds within this realm. The track is smooth and grabs a hold of our senses while playing with our imagination in a way that is freeing and fun. Plus the visualizer manages to transport to a moment in time in which we can almost fully experience the track in a live setting. So listen closely and dive into the sweet magic that makes this track a must-listen gem for any music lover and a fan of this talented pair. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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