“Your Sweet Power” by Stark ft. Kestra

The uber-talented Stark joins forces with the mesmerizing Kestra once more and together they give life to “Your Sweet Power”. With this beautiful and magical blend of melodies and lyrics, they tell a story of how someone can stay within your heart and soul and serve as a guide even if they are not there. The track explores how powerful of an influence can another person have in you when they become special and dear to you. The soundscape unfolds gracefully and with such hypnotizing and intoxicating vibes that you can’t help but need and want to press play over and over again. Something about this track just hits home for and invited me to reminisce about those special now gone but always present in every moment of my life. So listen, connect and let the sweet magic of this must-listen gem grab a hold of you and caress your senses. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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