“Ever Again” by Hi Frisco

From the UK comes Hi Frisco with the catchy and uniquely hypnotizing sonic creation that is “Ever Again”. With this charming and refreshingly playful blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a tale that serves as a reflection of the ups and downs of life. The vocals dance perfectly with the instrumental arrangement and instantly they caress our senses and invite us to dance and smile the night away. The track has an ethereal and hypnotizing vibe that makes it so much more memorable and magical as it takes over our airwaves in a second.

Something about this song serves us with the most delicious and fantastic plate of musical ambrosia that I’ve had in a while. So listen, imagine and fall prey to the sweet magical touch of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“The overriding message is one of positivity, to be present and enjoy the highs as they come around, to live in the moment. Finding strength to cope with the lows that hit us hard. We try to find comfort on the rollercoaster that is everyday life. Ever again was an accidental trigger for us to explore a more electronic sound. We were trying to find a way to bridge our usual processes with the physics distance between us both and the lockdown regulations.

Unable to record a live drummer in our studio, Felix half jokingly stuck a house beat under one of Henry’s demos and it became a bit of a eureka moment. Both Ever Again and Uno Mas are a bit of a symbiotic pair in that regard, not entirely in keeping with the Hi Frisco tracks we’d done before, yet still with enough of that sound in them that they fit into our world. Normal service may or may not resume soon.”

Hi Frisco

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