“Cynical” by Jess Chalker

From the UK comes the uber-talented Jess Chalker and this time she delivers the sonic experience that is “Cynical”. With this refreshing and instantly haunting blend of melodies and lyrics, she adds to her repertoire and takes for another adventure. The track unfolds nicely into our reality and embraces the feelings and emotions that make it up in a way that feels human and relatable. Her voice guides us through this realm with such care and firm passion that you can’t help but crave more and more of what lies hidden inside it.

The track is without a doubt an excellent addition to what Jess has to offer and makes you giddy just thinking of the live rendition. So listen, see and dive into the mesmerizing realm that makes this track a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

“’Musically this song feels quite drama-filled. There’s a tension in it that’s familiar, like the tumult of being in one of those relationships you know won’t go the distance but feels good in the moment.”

Jess Chalker

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