“Sentimental” by GRAACE

Uber-talented Australian indie goddess GRAACE comes to Wolf in a Suit with the magical and personal sonic creation that is “Sentimental”. With this heartfelt blend of melodies and lyrics, she opens up her heart and soul and invites us to do the same in order to fully connect. The track is gentle yet passionate and raw as it comes together and the story that lies hidden comes alive verse after verse feeling so vivid and so lush. Her voice is made of a mesmerizing and otherworldly touch of magic that makes it so inviting and impossible to not fall prey to.

The track is without a shadow of a doubt a welcomed experience that invites us to bring our guard down and simply find a home within the song. So listen, imagine and fall in love with this fantastic contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“I wrote ‘Sentimental’ as a letter to my past self. I’ve spent the past two years hibernating from most people, moving on from my old life and growing up. I needed to break out of the mental jail that I put myself in: accept my flaws, not give up on myself, and permit myself to grow. For years I felt so lost in old memories, wishing I could go back to how things were, who I used to be and change the narratives. It detached me from reality. I had turned into a disassociating zombie.

I had to fall a part into a crippling depression to feel my past, learn from the mistakes and allow myself to grow into anew person with no opinions of what I should be beside the mirror.

Once I forgave myself and others for mistakes and our pasts, I grew closer with people and suddenly felt freedom for the first time in years. I’m always going to be a sentimental person, but the biggest thing I’ve learnt from my early 20’s is that memories are just lessons for the future.”


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