“Picture of You” by Axel Flóvent ft. Hayden Calnin

Icelandic singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent joins forces with Australian artist Hayden Calnin and together they give life to the heartfelt sonic creation that is “Picture of You”. With this personal and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, they open up their hearts and share a tale that is so theirs and so raw. The track draws inspiration from a personal experience and explores how we at times wished to understand and to know more about someone, but sadly sometimes it’s too late. The track hits a chord within my heart and soul and invites me reminisce about those lost and no longer present my life for they were call already to be something else somewhere else. “Picture of You” is pure and soothingly inviting and true for it caresses our senses and whispers in our ears to break down our walls and just listen. So do that and dive into the unknown magical beauty of this contemporary and utterly fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Iceland

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“This summer, a few months ago, my nana passed away, and it made me think about all the things I wanted to tell her and talk to her about. We were never close and It was a struggle to change it the older I got. I remember when I was a kid how I wanted to develop more of a bond with her and grandad and didn’t find a way to. So, I wanted to write this song with a message to them. It was a beautiful experience writing this one with Hayden, he opened up the ideas I had and took them further where I felt limited – as a starting point he had this old demo that was a perfect template for me to add ideas to, and he took it to this vulnerable place with all his amazing harmonies and instrumental craftsmanship, so happy we got to work on this one together”.

Axel Flóvent

“It was so nice to finally be able to write something with Axel and this was one of those songs that just ended up being so easy and fluid in its creation. What started as an old idea of mine on a hard drive that was probably never going to see the light of day, ended up being transformed and developed into such an emotional and personal song for Axel and myself. Axel had such a way of bringing new life into something that was collecting a lot of dust, and as soon as I heard what he initially did with the song, I was truly just in awe. He has such a way with words and melodies, and it was a real treat to finally write something together”.

Hayden Calnin

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