“Losing Sleep” by Lévyne

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented Lévyne with the inspiring and honest sonic creation that is “Losing Sleep”. With this refreshingly real and down-to-earth soundscape, she explores the various ups and downs that are part of life with a mature and understanding heart. The track embraces the harsh truth that there are times in which we won’t be able to control the outcome of what happens to us and sometimes we won’t be so happy with what happens. She understands that life is about acceptance and growing up and she showcases this with catchy and charming vibes and mature and refreshingly inviting lyricism.

The melodies and lyrics dance so beautifully together and the visuals complement the sonic side, making the experience complete and so special. So listen, see and open your arms to the sweet magic that makes this track a must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: New Zealand

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