“Replace” by Carmody

From the UK comes the uber-talented Carmody with the bittersweet and ethereal sonic creation that is “Replace”. With this exquisitely powerful and raw blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that explores the fragile nature of the human nature. The track understands that our experience in life is bound to have ups and downs and at times the low points might pack a punch stronger than expected. Something about the track instantly catches your attention and speaks to only to your senses but directly to your heart and soul.

It all comes together, making sure we feel a connection as a reflection of what we have lived through is showcased with utmost care and honesty. So listen and dive into the mesmerizing magic of this fantastic and hypnotizing must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘Replace’ is about the chaos of grief and the realisation that you cannot recreate someone once they have disappeared. It explores the multiple forms grieving can take – questioning relationships, exploring spirituality, substance abuse, depression and a yearning to grow as you are forced to become someone you no longer recognise.

Initially it was written like a stream of consciousness. Without thinking too much about it, Patrick James Pearson and I both wrote down random images that could fit the melody. By making them non-linear it felt as if we were reflecting the inconsistent and unpredictable shape grief takes. The verses are in 6/4 which suggests this feeling of not knowing where you are. In the chorus we shift to 4/4 with the only certainty – that the person you loved cannot be replaced.”


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