“Don’t Give Up” by OLI

UK-based indie singer/songwriter OLI comes to Wolf in a Suit with the utterly captivating sonic creation that is “Don’t give up”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale bound to pull you in an instant and make the story feel like yours. The track flows nicely through the airwaves and offers all of us a chance to feel invigorated and inspired as it caresses our senses and plays with our imagination. It all comes together quite nicely as the visuals and sounds dance in perfect unison, making sure we are transported to a place that is full of life and unknown magic.

Her voice has a dose of warmth and inviting feel that makes the track so much more endearing and needed. So listen, see and fall down this rabbit hole that holds within all you need to remember that you can. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

“I think last year a lot of the feeling was just to keep going and keep your head above water. I felt that around me a lot, friends losing jobs, experiencing periods of bad mental health and somehow pushing on. It made me realise how resilient people are and how little they give themselves credit for it.

I wanted the song to show that, to feel like a voice inside your head letting you know everything will be alright. That we are in this together. If anything, I hope the listener feels a little encouraged after hearing the song.”


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