“Lover of Mine” by Volunteer

Indie singer/songwriter Volunteer comes to Wolf in a Suit with the magical and ethereal sonic creation that is “Lover of Mine”. With this absolutely mesmerizing and unique soothing soundscape, he speaks to our hearts and souls by telling a story so personal yet so perfectly universal. The melodies and lyrics connect with one another making sure the tale unfolds naturally into the airwaves, pulling us to be one with what transcends inside. The vivid and lush nature of the sounds enable the verses to flow one after the other, caressing our senses and making our hearts beat a little fast as the warmth and magic surrounds us. With the visual styling showcased in the music video, the experience is made complete and so surreal and raw making it an instant must for any music lover. So listen carefully, open your and realize that the beauty showcased in this unknown reality is as much his as it is ours. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“Lover of Mine is a song I wrote with the intention of being a driving, anthemic, folk-pop song. The acoustic demo I recorded is wall to wall fast and heavy strumming. After sitting with it for some time, I couldn’t help but hear a different interpretation in my mind – more ethereal and relaxed and gentle. I resisted it, but it kept popping back up the weeks before recording. I showed the fast version to my producer, Will Mikkelson. He loved the song, but was pushing to hear something different with the arrangement. I reluctantly shared my ethereal, gentler idea with him – and he immediately connected with it. We layered a bunch of Will’s vintage synths (that I don’t know the names of), and thus, the sound of Lover of Mine was born.”


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