“I’m not a princess I’m a god” by Esmerelda

From the UK comes the fantastic indie singer/songwriter Esmerelda with the powerful sonic creation that is “I’m not a princess I’m a god”. With this exquisite and utterly inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that explores the fire and power that lies within her (and all women). The soundscape unfolds with such firm conviction that you can’t help but simply be in complete awe as she takes over your senses and pulls you into her realm. The track is just so amazing and enticing and her voice serves as the perfect guide as the verses come one after the other making the message clear and true.

She let’s go of the so-called rules set forth by society and gives life to something that is not only welcomed but needed. So listen, imagine and explore the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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‘‘I’m Not A Princess I’m A God’ is about being presumed fragile and passive but having this burning need for power and control. Being a feminine-presenting person, people can implicitly think of you as dependent on men and patriarchal figures….The princess, the damsel in distress who needs saving. The song rejects that narrative, whilst indulging the cheeky god complex I’ve got brewing under here! As much as it is a song about female empowerment, I also wanted it to include edges of this dark megalomania.”


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