“Enemies” by Aaron Taos

Once more, comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos to brighten up our days, say hello to “Enemies”. With this fantastic and instantly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, he takes us for another ride to explore another of the heart and the moments that make up our lives. He makes sure to paint a visual picture that perfectly complements what’s happening within the soundscape. The track understands how to connect with us and caress our senses in a way that is quite freeing and fun from start to end. He really does no wrong and this track is simply another welcomed showcased of the range of his talent. So listen, see and dive into the unknown magic that he always puts forth for all music lovers. Enjoy!

Location: USA

“Enemies” is the final single off of my upcoming album “Closure & Campari.” It’s about the resentment you feel after a nasty breakup and the fantasies you have about how you can get back at (or with) your ex. The song was produced by Oren Yoel (Miley Cyrus, XXXTentacion, Joji) and features a music video directed by Axel Kabundji (spill tab, Mazie, Marinelli.) 

Aaron Taos

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