“Stones & Geysers” by Kinnship & Pablo Nouvelle

From the UK come Kinnship and Pablo Nouvelle to give us a chance to explore the visual and sonic magic of “Stones & Geysers”. With this stunning and utterly hypnotizing musical creation, they give us a chance to connect and explore the unique and special touch that makes this track a hit. There’s no escaping the magnetic pull that you’ll feel once you press play for this track is just that powerful. It offers us a chance to escape from reality and connect not only with the world but with ourselves as it caresses our senses and speaks to our souls. So dive into this otherworldly reality and embrace the sweet touch of magic offered by must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

 “For me, Stones & Geysers was really the pivotal moment for the album, lyrically speaking. Pablo’s title that he gave the track whilst we were working on it created a lyrical world in which I explored spiritual or philosophical concepts in the form of day-to-day, physical things. This then fed into the rest of the album’s lyrics and even visuals too; the orange door on the album cover represents a portal through nature in which one can step into another world.” 


My inner balance is strongly linked with my connection to nature. If I haven’t been in the mountains for too long I don’t feel well mentally. The way we live our city lives spending most of our time indoors, we tend to forget how much we as humans are a part of nature ourselves. Stones & Geysers is about this connection between the spiritual and the physical. Suddenly you see metaphors everywhere of how the mental is reflected in nature. A geyser that explodes when the pressure becomes too great or a stone that skims over water and only sinks in when the slowness allows it.” 

Pablo Nouvelle

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