“The Secret” by Anna Rune

From Belgium comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Anna Rune with the personal and honest sonic creation that is “The Secret”. With this soothing yet powerful blend of melodies and lyrics, she opens up her heart and soul in a way that is so pure and so raw. The soundscape unfolds with surreal and otherworldly magic while caressing our senses and showcasing how important it is to take care of oneself. The track showcases feelings and emotions in a way that is so mesmerizing and intoxicating, pulling us in and allowing us to be part of the story that transpires within it.

So listen, see and dive into this inspiring dose of musical ambrosia that she has served for us that is sure to speak to your heart and soul. Enjoy!

Location: Belgium

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“This song is my reminder for anyone dealing with any kind of mental health struggles to speak up and for heaven sake not to do what I did. It’s time to let it out, I feel no shame anymore. I am healthy now and in recovery and even though this animal might still lure around the corner sometimes, this release keeps me fighting to never let it in again.”

Anna Rune

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