“Lovers” by Emma Elisabeth

Berlin-based Swedish indie singer/songwriter Emma Elisabeth comes to us with the haunting and ethereal sonic creation that is “Lovers”. With this gentle and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she speaks of a relationship that was beautiful but now is part of the book of memories that she holds close to her heart. The track embraces this feeling of remembrance and passion in a way that is quite hypnotizing and raw yet down-to-earth. Something about the track just hits the spot and manages to bring us all in and be part of this moment in the past that was uniquely magical and true but no longer there.

Her voice is perfection and instantly connects with our senses as it invites our imagination to fly freely and make her story ours from start to end. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet touch of bittersweet sadness and joy that makes this track a must-listen gem. Enjoy the tale that makes “Lovers” so grandiose!

Location: Germany / Sweden

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It kinda explores how epic yet fragile a relationship can be. If something feels great and carefree at the moment, enjoy it. At some point that rush will start fading, and you might see things in a different light. But you can always look back at that moment in time, not being in control and enjoying it.

I wrote and recorded it in collaboration with my colleague Dane Etteridge, and the song was written with a big focus on the melody first of all, just starting with an acoustic guitar and vocal. Right before I had also just twisted my knee when falling with my bike, so maybe that’s how the vocals got this extra layer of pain.

Emma Elisabeth

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