“Joanna” by Andreas Vey

German indie singer/songwriter Andreas Vey comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the bittersweet tale of “Joanna”. With this gentle yet honest exploration of the self, the heart and the way in which we think of what could have been and how things truly were in the end, he connects with us instantly. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that feels so pure, so raw and so human that there’s no denying that within it we can find a reflection of ours ups and downs in our quest for love.

Something about his voice allows the soundscape to caress our senses and pull us into a mesmerizing reality that is sure to invite us to reminisce of what was. So listen, imagine and embrace the sweet yet painful magic of this contemporary must-listen gem that he has crafted with such passion and such care. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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