“BROTHER” by Young & Sick

Uber-talented multifaceted artist Young & Sick comes to us once more and he does so with the charming and relatable charm of “BROTHER”. With this one-of-a-kind sonic creation he explores the depths of friendship and how one can truly find family outside the limits of blood and find people that feel like brothers and sisters to you. Something about the way the soundscape unfolds makes the experience so much more hypnotizing and true, caressing our senses and dancing between the imagination and reality in it’s own unique fashion. The track is really an absolute hit and offers us all a chance to explore a soothing and inviting reality that while his, feels as much ours as well. He has really managed to offer us another must-listen gem that lands perfectly within his fantastic ever-growing repertoire of sounds. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands

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“We made BROTHER in the summer of 2019. Nick had just moved back east after a few years of slow-rambling around Los Angeles, and Luke was convalescing after a nasty bit of blunt force trauma and septic shock.

Above everything else -the joy of being reunited, the fear of separation, our shared and obscure musical obsessions (shoutout to SpaceArk)- we wanted to make an album of songs that made us giggle like schoolboys. An album we hope approaches both the weirdness and the timelessness of our love

Stay safe out there, sweethearts.”

Young & Sick

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