“Repeat” by SAPPHIRE

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter SAPPHIRE comes from the UK straight to our speakers with the honest and captivating sonic creation that is “Repeat”. With this refreshingly playful and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a tale of love, heartbreak and how at times we tend to fall into patterns. She understands the reality of our human hearts in a way that is so pure and so true to the reality of the experience as she forsakes the fantasies that are always sold and simply accepts that she, like most of us, tends to fall for sweet words and promises that will not be fulfilled.

Something about the soundscape just hits the mark and understands how to connect with the listeners while offering us all a chance to see a reflection of our own experiences. So listen closely and dive into this fantastic must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Special Side Note: SAPPHIRE will be featured in a new website in the coming weeks (link to be provided once post goes live on new site)

Location: United Kingdom

To listen on Spotify click HERE

“I like to turn my overthinking into songs. I’ve been making music for as long as i can remember, and I used to post covers on youtube which has given me some amazing opportunities over the past few years. Getting to make music is the most exciting thing ever, and I just really hope my songs can be the soundtrack to your life in some way.”