“Glass Ceiling” by Matilda Mann

Full ‘Sonder’ EP

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Matilda Mann and the raw and honest sonic creation that is “Glass Ceiling”. With this fantastic soundscape, she explores the harsh truth behind a façade put in place by a person who likes to portray what he/she/they truly isn’t. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that flows quite nicely through the airwaves, making sure we are transported to the reality that resides within it and allowing us to feel it so vividly from start to end. Her voice is without a doubt perfection as it caresses our senses and serves with a wide array of feelings and emotions that are so personal, yet by the end we feel it all too. So listen closely and dive into the sweet magic of this unknown taste of musical ambrosia that she has set forth in front of us and fall in love with this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“‘Glass Ceiling’ was written and produced with Rich Cooper (Billie Marten, Rina Sawayama, Josef Salvat) in his studio. I wrote it about a guy I knew who would always go on about being a particular kind of person but would never actually go through with what they said they stood for. We wrote it over a couple of days and wanted it to be a kind of uplifting powerful song to end the EP. As a songwriter, I’m always aware of the particular kinds of situations I get into and specifically how they make me feel. I kind of also take up the challenge of trying to imagine how others are feeling. Sometimes, I think you can feel so lonely in this world, because maybe you think nobody understands what you’re going through. So when a song can describe that for you, it can also change your whole perspective.” 

Matilda Mann

Location: United Kingdom

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