“Go Slow” by Elaine Mai ft. Sinead White

Irish indie singer/songwriter Elaine Mai collaborates with Sinead White and together they give life to the magical sonic creation that is “Go Slow”. With this refreshingly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a welcomed and charming reality that is so beautiful and so instantly inviting. The track flows with ease through the airwaves caressing our senses and speaking to us in a way that makes us feel safe and in a place we can call home. The vocals and instrumental arrangement complement each other perfectly bringing us into a place that we can let go of what we know and simply fall into the unknown that makes this song so special. So listen closely and dive into the sweet taste of musical ambrosia that makes this a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: Ireland

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“I loved this tune so much already, but when Sinéad added her vocal it became an instant favourite of mine. Sinéad is such an incredible artist, vocalist, and friend. We’ve played countless shows together at this stage and it’s always such a pleasure to work and spend time with her. I think you can hear the hope and excitement throughout her vocals on the track. That feeling of exhilaration at the beginning of something new.”

Elaine Mai

“Elaine and I have known each other for a long time. We are both collaborators of the electronic music producer Daithí, so our friendship has grown over the years. When Elaine asked if I would be interested in collaborating on a song for her album, I was really honoured. Just because you are friends with someone doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to work with them. Her care and consideration as a friend translated into a deliberate and conscious handling of each element of her songs. Nothing is there ‘’just because’; everything has been carefully considered.”

Sinead White

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